Go Psycho On Your Contact Center

While in some cases murder may seem like the best way to manage your call center, that is not the type of Psycho I am talking about. My company, bpaquality.com, wanted to transform how we looked at data and find those golden nuggets of change for our clients. We had quality data, customer feedback data, operational data, financial data…more data than you could shake a butcher’s knife at…so we decided to go psycho on it.

Psychometrician that is. What is a Psychometrician you say? Well, simply stated it’s a very smart person who knows a ton about statistics and uses them to measure and understand human behaviors. Our resident Psychometrician can prove anything, correlate anything and justify pretty much any course of action we recommend for our clients. So why did we take this path and why should you find this useful? Let’s find out why:

People Lie, Numbers Don’t – I can’t tell you how many focus groups that I have been in that are dead wrong. People are notorious for saying one thing and doing another, and in the end the numbers prove out their true intentions. Our Psychometrician can wade through the lies and find the truth in the numbers, pointing to the actual customer behaviors that matter.

Humanize the Data – Most clients we have already have a ton of data, but fall short of taking action on the data. The key to what a Psychometrician can do here is helping transform the findings into actionable data that points out the exact agent behaviors that impact the customer experience and outcome of the call. This process can give you the human impact, the “tell me what I need to do or say different.”

Measure What Matters – Take a look at your quality-monitoring program. How sure are you that you can correlate them to a customer outcome? More often than not, we see companies that drive internal behaviors that make no difference. When spending your time and effort on a quality effort, maximizing the impact is vital. Our Psychometrician can sort through the dozens of measurements you make and tell you which ones correlate to one another, have an impact on the outcome of the customer experience and provide any value to your organization.

Beautiful Models – No, not that kind! Research models! When you dig into a problem how often do you set up the study properly? Think 7th grade science on steroids…starting with the scientific method and then using all kinds of fancy statistical programs to deliver delightful outputs. Our Psychometrician makes sure that any research we do for our clients is setup properly, run properly and the results are founded in proper scientific processes.

For bpaquality.com, this position plays a key role in the organization ensuring the complete and accurate delivery of the data we collect on behalf of our clients. The role is a customer-facing role and presents results and findings to our clients. She makes sure that we are collecting the correct data, in the correct way, verify it’s accuracy and validity and offer recommendations to improve and perfect the entire process. She is responsible for developing the statistical foundation for which our recommendations are made to our clients and could be doing the same for you! Comment and let me know what you think!


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